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    CBSO 2024 European Tour

    22 March 2024
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    His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh visits the CBSO

    1 February 2024
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    What does an Assistant Conductor do?

    11 October 2023
  4. Photograph of the CBSO and CBSO Chorus rehearsing in Monaco.

    Memories of Monaco

    22 September 2023
  5. Photograph of the full orchestra and CBSO Chorus performing on stage at Symphony Hall

    Programmer Picks

    13 September 2023
  6. Photograph of audience members joining in with hand-held percussion at a Cuppa Concert

    Cuppa Concerts: An Interview with Jacqueline Tyler

    30 January 2023
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    Investing in Ambition, Talent & Hope

    1 December 2022