Staff & Trustees

Chief Executive

  1. Headshot of Emma Stenning

    Emma Stenning

    Chief Executive
  2. Headshot of Joe Graham

    Joe Graham

    Executive Assistant

Concerts & Planning

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  1. Headshot of Graham Sibley

    Graham Sibley

    Director of Orchestra Operations
  2. Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Anna Melville

    Head of Artistic Planning
  3. Headshot: Maddi Belsey-Day

    Maddi Belsey-Day

    Planning and Tours Manager
  4. Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Jean Attard

    Assistant Planning Manager
  5. Headshot: Claire Dersley

    Claire Dersley

    Orchestra Manager
  6. Headshot: Chris Goodchild

    Chris Goodchild

    Assistant Orchestra Manager
  7. Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Peter Harris

    Platform Manager
  8. Grey square with the letters CBSO in the centre.

    Robert Howard

    Assistant Platform Manager
  9. Headshot: Jack Lovell-Huckle

    Jack Lovell-Huckle

    Assistant Conductor and Librarian
  10. Headshot: Nathan Isaac

    Nathan Isaac

    Assistant Librarian

Learning & Engagement

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  1. Headshot: Tom Spurgin

    Tom Spurgin

    Director of Learning & Engagement
  2. Headshot: Katie Lucas

    Katie Lucas

    Head of Learning & Engagement
  3. Headshot of Carolyn Burton

    Carolyn Burton

    Assistant Learning & Engagement Manager
  4. Headshot of Leeloo Creed

    Leeloo Creed

    Learning and Engagement Officer
  5. Headshot of Georgia Wells

    Georgia Wells

    Learning & Engagement Officer (Sandwell)
  6. Headshot of Alex Parker

    Alex Parker

    Acting Chorus Manager
  7. Headshot of Louise Madden

    Louise Madden

    Chorus Officer
  8. Helen Butcher

    Learning & Engagement Officer

Marketing & Communications

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  1. Headshot of Beki Smith

    Beki Smith

    Director of Marketing and Communications
  2. Headshot of Anna O'Connor

    Anna O'Connor

    Marketing Manager
  3. Headshot of Melanie Ryan

    Melanie Ryan

    CRM & Insight Manager
  4. Headshot of Lee Hunt

    Lee Hunt

    Data Analyst
  5. Headshot of Hannah Blake-Fathers

    Hannah Blake-Fathers

    Digital Content Producer
  6. Headshot of Liam Churchard

    Liam Churchard

  1. Headshot of Claire Tilt

    Claire Tilt

    Director of Development
  2. Headshot of Amy Self

    Amy Self

    Individual Giving Manager
  3. Headshot of Rachel Bowden

    Rachel Bowden

    Senior Development Manager
  4. Headshot of Megan Bradshaw

    Megan Bradshaw

    Corporate Partnership and Events Manager
  5. Headshot of Charlotte Wheeler

    Charlotte Wheeler

    Assistant Events Manager
  6. Headshot of Rachel Cooper

    Rachel Cooper

    Development Administrator
  7. Headshot of Eve Vines

    Eve Vines

    Membership Manager

Finance & Resources

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  1. Headshot of Sally Munday

    Sally Munday

    Director of Finance & Resources
  2. Headshot of Alan Johnson

    Alan Johnson

    CBSO Centre Manager
  3. Headshot of Hollie Dunster

    Hollie Dunster

    HR Manager
  4. Headshot of Mark Pallett

    Mark Pallett

    Finance Manager
  5. Headshot of Jaspreet Hothi

    Jaspreet Hothi

    Assistant Accountant
  6. Headshot of Susan Price

    Susan Price

    Senior Finance Officer
  7. Headshot of Lindsey Bhagania

    Lindsey Bhagania

    Assistant Payroll Manager
  8. Headshot of Peter Clarke

    Peter Clarke

    Assistant CBSO Centre Manager
  9. Headshot of Suni Dhew

    Suni Dhew

  10. Ellis Hudson

    Assistant Buildings and Facilities Manager
  11. Lowri Evans


CBSO Development Trust

  1. Headshot of Christopher Loughran

    Chris Loughran

    Trustee and Chair of the CBSO Development Trust
  2. Headshot of Charles Barwell OBE

    Charles Barwell OBE

    CBSO Development Trust
  3. Gordon Campbell

    CBSO Development Trust
  4. Headshot of John Osborn

    John Osborn CBE

    CBSO Development Trust
  5. Headshot of David Pett

    David Pett

    CBSO Development Trust
  6. Julianna Hall

    CBSO Development Trust
  7. Liz Frostick

    CBSO Development Trust