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List of News Articles

  1. Photograph of Jeremy Watt playing the double bass on a black background.

    2023-24: CBSO Remastered

    27 April 2023
  2. Photograph of CBSO players, a school teacher and their class with percussion instruments

    The Planets - A CBSO Schools' Project

    17 April 2023
  3. Headshot of Emma Stenning

    Welcoming Emma Stenning as our new Chief Executive

    27 March 2023
  4. Close-up photograph of a violinist's hands as they play

    New faces in the Strings

    13 March 2023
  5. Photograph of audience members joining in with hand-held percussion at a Cuppa Concert

    Cuppa Concerts: An Interview with Jacqueline Tyler

    30 January 2023
  6. Investing in Ambition, Talent & Hope

    1 December 2022
  7. Photograph of women singing as part of SO Vocal

    SO Vocal Welcomes a New Conductor

    3 November 2022
  8. Photograph of cellist Eduardo Vassallo smiling at the camera during a recording session whilst he wears headphones and holds his cello

    The CBSO at the Commonwealth Games

    20 July 2022
  9. Photograph of children in school uniform playing on glockenspiels

    Myths & Legends

    24 June 2022
  10. Photograph of the full orchestra performing to a packed audience at Symphony Hall

    Meet the new CBSO Assistant Conductors

    16 February 2022
  11. Photograph of Kazuki Yamada conducing the orchestra

    Question Time with Kazuki Yamada

    21 December 2021