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List of News Articles

  1. Photograph of the Orchestra on-stage.

    Welcoming Daichi Yoshimura and News from the Double Bass section

    26 July 2023
  2. More New Music Than Eurovision

    6 June 2023
  3. Headshot of Bethan Allmand

    The CBSO welcomes Bethan Allmand

    25 May 2023
  4. Saying goodbye to Stephen Maddock

    27 April 2023
  5. Photograph of Jeremy Watt playing the double bass on a black background.

    2023-24: CBSO Remastered

    27 April 2023
  6. Photograph of CBSO players, a school teacher and their class with percussion instruments

    The Planets - A CBSO Schools' Project

    17 April 2023
  7. Headshot of Emma Stenning

    Welcoming Emma Stenning as our new Chief Executive

    27 March 2023
  8. Close-up photograph of a violinist's hands as they play

    New faces in the Strings

    13 March 2023
  9. Photograph of audience members joining in with hand-held percussion at a Cuppa Concert

    Cuppa Concerts: An Interview with Jacqueline Tyler

    30 January 2023
  10. Investing in Ambition, Talent & Hope

    1 December 2022
  11. Photograph of women singing as part of SO Vocal

    SO Vocal Welcomes a New Conductor

    3 November 2022
  12. Photograph of cellist Eduardo Vassallo smiling at the camera during a recording session whilst he wears headphones and holds his cello

    The CBSO at the Commonwealth Games

    20 July 2022